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1460 N 19th Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

About Us

Lil Lambs of Jesus Ministry is dedicated to comforting pediatric living liver recipients by sharing the love of Jesus. Children will receive a book authored by a living donor and recipient, offering insights about Jesus and detailed pre- and post-surgery expectations. This initiative is provided at no cost to the hospital.

The book also equips parents and donors with practical tips from personal experiences, aiming to increase awareness about living liver donations.

Long-term plans include expanding outreach to hospitals across the U.S. involved in living liver donations. Support from individuals, foundations, and businesses will help raise awareness. Additionally, the organization will engage in public speaking and book signings, with the book available for purchase, including on Amazon. A portion of sales will support the organization’s mission.

For a $50 donation, you can sponsor a page in our book and choose a “little lamb” to be placed on our website with your name or in memory of a loved one. Your donation will also support the development of our website, making it a valuable resource for prospective liver donors, featuring a map of U.S. hospitals that perform the procedure and enabling applications with a single click.