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Our Journey

This is the story of Kristen and Isaac, whose remarkable journey of compassion and courage underpins the foundation of Lil’ Lambs of Jesus Ministry. Their journey is a tale of two lives, intertwined by destiny and unified by a mission greater than themselves. It is a living testament to the power of hope, the strength of faith, and the profound connection between souls committed to a cause greater than any single life.

Kristen Hovey: A Journey of Faith and Hope

In the tapestry of life, every thread weaves a story, and Kristen Hovey’s story is one of profound faith and unwavering hope. From the joys of a childhood cradled in the love of Christ to the sorrows that tested her spirit, Kristen’s path was marked by moments that shaped her destiny. Through the heartache of losing two precious souls, including little Jordyn, who never took a breath, Kristen’s resilience shone through. Her journey through loss led her to a crossroads of destiny—the egg donation process. Little did she know that an anonymous donor’s simple request to “pay it forward” would echo deeply in her heart, setting the stage for an extraordinary act of kindness years later.

Kristen’s life was touched by Judy, a colleague whose story of loss and legacy became a beacon of inspiration. As Judy shared the moving tale of her son Josh’s battle and legacy at Nebraska Medicine, and the liver transplant for her brother, Kristen felt a divine nudge. This encounter stirred within her a calling that could not be ignored. Signing up to be a living liver donor at Nebraska Medicine, she stumbled upon a Facebook group that led her to Christine’s plea—a mother’s cry for her son Isaac, who needed a miracle.

With a heart moved by compassion and guided by faith, Kristen reached out, beginning a journey that would intertwine their lives forever. Tests in San Antonio revealed she was the perfect match for Isaac. Although she faced the practical concerns of a new job without accrued leave, providence prevailed, unveiling a policy that allowed her to donate without financial burden.

The story unfolded with divine orchestration—quarantine with her brother in San Antonio, an emotional meeting with Isaac, and surgeries that brought new life on the sacred ground of Holy Week. Discharged on Easter, Kristen and Isaac emerged with scars that spoke of sacrifice and survival—a testament to the power of faith and the gift of life.

Today, Kristen stands as a beacon of hope, her journey embodying the mission of Lil’ Lambs of Jesus Ministry.

Her story is a testament to the scripture that guides her path, Romans 8:28, a reminder that in every challenge lies an opportunity for grace, and through every act of giving, we fulfill our divine purpose.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” – Romans 8:28

Isaac's Odyssey: A Tale of Hope and Healing

Isaac’s story unfolds like a tapestry woven with threads of hope, struggle, and the indomitable spirit of a young man facing an unimaginable challenge. With each day that passed, his body waged a silent war against itself, and a once vibrant life was gradually clouded by the symptoms of liver failure.

As Isaac’s condition drew him further away from the activities he loved, his family’s quest for a solution led them to an urgent plea for a living liver donor. Through the power of social media and the loving support of the community, Isaac’s plea echoed across hearts and homes. His mother, Christine, became the voice of this journey, sharing their trials and triumphs on a Facebook page dedicated to finding a donor—a beacon of hope amidst the uncertainties.

Then, amidst the trials, a miracle unfolded. A kindred spirit named Kristen answered the call with the offer of life itself. Her decision to donate a part of her liver to Isaac was not just a gift of health but a testament to the strength of human connection and selfless love. The days leading up to the transplant were fraught with prayers and a collective breath held by all who knew Isaac. And when the moment of truth arrived, a risky but necessary procedure paved the way for a successful transplant. Isaac’s recovery was a testament to resilience, a testament to the belief that miracles are crafted from courage, faith, and the goodwill of strangers.

Today, Isaac stands as a beacon of life reborn. He shares his gratitude for Kristen, his living angel sent from above, and for every prayer, share, and word of encouragement that sustained them. With a second chance at life, Isaac’s story is a powerful reminder of the infinite possibilities when humanity comes together in the name of hope and love.

Through it all, one message resonates clearly: never lose hope, for, in the divine timing of life, miracles bloom.